Spirit, Soul and Body – part 4

This is a transcript of one of the  videos I did sometime back on Spirit, Soul & Body. If you prefer watching the video, click here.

Praise the Lord, it’s Moses again here from ChristianMotivation.com. I hope you enjoyed the last video and you took time to study the scripture and the word of God and to meditate on the word and let the holy spirit speak to you. This is going to be the last video I’m doing in this series about spirt, soul, and body. I do hope that you’ll be able to look at your life differently and this will be a foundation as you read the word of God or as you relate to God and to people that you will realize how you relate and why you relate in certain ways, and you’ll be able to differentiate when the Bible talks about you what it’s talking about and how you can be able to live out what the Bible says about you.

Today, the last part we are talking about definitely is the body. We’ve talked about the spirit, we’ve talked about the soul, so today we are talking about our body.

Now, it’s very easy because every one of us knows the body. At least when you look at somebody all you see is the body. When you look at me, you’re seeing my body. So it’s not something that is hard to talk about. When God was creating man, it says that he formed man. What he formed was the body. It’s very important to understand that everything that God created – according to God, when he created everything, after he created everything, he said that it was God. So everything that God created was God. It is sin that really disorganized everything and made things evil and what have you – but everything that God created was good. And when you look at your body, when you get to understand your body, you will realize that it is such a wonderful machine. It is amazing the way God has created our bodies.

I have a friend of mine who is doing a class to do with medical things. She’s studying things to do with – like the medicine and everything, but every time she studies about biology and maybe about the skin and the tissue and the cells and the eyes and what have you – she’s so much into you know like medical stuff – but she is always captivated by how the body works and she’s always sharing with me and seeing how big God is.

When you take time to, maybe like to listen to some of the commentaries done on Discovery Health, that channel Discovery Health, or to read about medical stuff, you will come to realize that God really put a lot in us. It’s amazing how – you know the Bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. One of the ways to see that is through our body. I mean, people – scientists – are trying to study some of the things in our body that they can’t even come to an understanding. Things to do with DNA, things to do with the way the eye is, the tissue, the cells divide. It’s amazing how God formed our body.

So that alone – just by looking at your body alone – will let you know that God is so powerful and is so wonderful. Now, what I want to say is that how we treat our bodies is also important. I have come to realize that one of the things that is important is you understanding how you treat your body, how you take care of your body, because it’s like a resource that has been committed to you. So how you take care of your body is very, very important. And I think that’s one of the areas that we sometimes neglect. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the saying that some people go to look, they spend most of their health trying to gain wealth, and then at the end of the – of their time – they have to spend all their wealth trying to get the health.

It’s because if you don’t take care of your body, you are misusing one of the most important resources that God has given you. The body is very important because the body is what gives us access to this earth and we have been called to have dominion where? On earth. So if we are to have dominion on earth, one of the ways that we relate to this earth is through our body. And then if – God also realized that he was coming to save us, he had to put on a body to become like man, to come and have, bring back our dominion to us. How did he do us? By wearing a body to become just like a man.

So the way you relate to the earth is through your body. Even the evil spirits – the only way they can really relate to this earth is by using human bodies and using bodies. That’s why you see – spirits have to look for people to get into, they have to inhabit people so that they can be able to also start working, whatever they want to do. That’s why you see the devil uses people to be able to do what he wants to do. And that’s the way we are also here. We have to let the holy spirit use us, use our bodies to reach out unto others.

For example, the Bible says that when somebody’s sick, we can lay our hands on them that they may be healed. Guess what you’re doing – you are using your body to lay your hands on them. The Bible says that blessed are the feet that bring good news. You have to use your feet to go and preach the word of God. How am I communicating to you? Through speaking. I have to use my body to speak to you. You don’t know what’s going on in my spirit, but as I let out what is in my spirit through words, I speak to you.

So I can relate to you. I can love you by touching you or giving you something. Everything I do has – the body has a big part to play in what I – in what I do in ministering and extending the kingdom of god or in just relating with people. So the body too is an important part. Now, when you get to understand, as I said, the difference between spirit, soul, and body, you get to know that these three things are connected to each other. And there’s – so whether you can use them to be able to influence whatever part of your life you want to influence and – because this is the last video I’m doing of this series, I wanted this to be kind of a foundation that you can always use to be able to understand the things that I will be sharing with you.

As I said, most of the things that we need to work on are to do with our body and our soul. So the spirit man has already been done, there’s nothing we can do about it. We just have to work in favor and understand that everything that needs to be done in our spirit has already been done. Where is the work – the work is to be in our soul and in our body and thus we are – most of the videos I’ll be making from here onwards will be mostly to do with how to be able to change yourself and be able to receive the promises of God so that you can live a victorious life. And then when Jesus comes back for us, we will have glorified bodies – we will – even our minds will be new. The Bible says that now we know in part but there is going to come a time where we will know everything.

So I just wanted to give you that foundation so that you can be able to better understand how to realize the things and the promises of God in your life. And so this ends the spirit, soul, and body – most of the videos that I will do will be more of encouraging you and sharing with you things and I will coming from a point of view where I know that now you understand when I’m speaking to you to be able to know which part to use. I’ll be sharing with you things knowing that you already know about spirit, soul, and body.

So until next time, I just want to say that stay blessed and keep the faith. Bye bye.

Moses Kangave

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