Four things that determine the quality of your life – Part 4

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Praise the Lord my brothers and sisters, it’s Moses here at ChristianMotivation. As always, I’m delighted to share with you the things that I believe will help you reign in life. It’s such an honor for me to be doing this, and I’m so blessed.

Today, we are going to continue talking about the four things that determine the quality of our lives. We’ve already discussed three and today we are discussing the last one, which is relationships. If you’re reading this article somewhere else other than the website, I want to encourage you to go to where you’ll be able to find the first three things that we discussed.

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Four things that determine the quality of your life – part 2


Below  is the transcript for the video

Praise the lord. It’s Moses here at Christian Motivation – it’s a privilege once again to share with you the Word of God and the thoughts and resources that I believe will help you reign in life. I will be continuing from where we left off last time. For those who have not had the opportunity to check out the last video I posted, I encourage you to go to and look at the video, that is, in case you’re watching this video from somewhere else other than the website.

For those who have already watched the first video, I hope you’ve taken the time to see how to manage your time or how you are using your time, so that you can be able to get to the next level.

I want to encourage all of you to be people of action. One thing I have realized is that it doesn’t matter how much information one has, if one doesn’t take action, it is useless information. Such information will not empower anyone. So my desire and encouragement to you is that as I share these few things, take action so that you able to see results. We are supposed to be hearers and doers of the Word – it doesn’t matter how many resources I share with you or how good the information that I share with you is; if you do not take action, you will not see any results in your life. So if we are going to reign in life, we’ve got to act on the information we hear or receive. That is what wisdom all about – wisdom is applying the knowledge that we have correctly and we know that wisdom is better than money. That’s what the Bible says. Again, I encourage you to take action on the things that I share with you.

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Going back to one website

Dear friends,

I had decided to separate my websites because I thought it would be better for me to have a website where I talk about my personal life and one where I talk about ministry. My reasoning was, that the personal website would be an avenue to reach out to people who don’t want anything to do with God.

As christians we seem to have given an impression to the world that we are “holy” and therefore hard to associate with if one is not “part of us”. This was not Jesus’s approach and it shouldn’t be ours either. We need to know how to shine in the dark, not to take the light out of the dark. Darkness needs light.I wanted people to relate to me on a personal level so that they (those who haven’t been born again yet) can know that christians are “normal” people.

My only challenge, I’ve come to realise, is that I’m so immersed in the word (and continue to) that I find it hard for me to convey things without referring to the Word. In other words, my life is in Christ. I desire to make the Word final authority in everything that I do. So, I’m just going to do it the way I was doing it before. This will help me just share what I want to share without differentiating whether its personal or ministry. I think this will be the best way of reaching out to the people.

Also, because of technology challenges (I’m not too technical), if you had signed up on any of the websites, you may get an email from me requesting you to confirm your subscription (not everyone will get that email). Please confirm the subscription so I can compile all the emails into one place.

Thanks for your understanding and patience !

Stay blessed and keep the faith.

Love you!

Moses Kangave

Its been a long time but am back!

Praise the Lord dear friends,

Its really been a while since I last posted something. I have been going through some transitions with my life that have kept me very busy.

Although am still very busy, am working on scheduling some time so I can make more posts. I have missed sharing with you what the Lord is teaching me. My desire is to motivate, inspire and encourage you to be all that God has created you to be.

Just so you know, In the past I was using “Christian Motivation” on the domain. I am now separating the two domains. I will use “busymoses” more for my personal stuff and keep “Christian Motivation” dedicated to ministry stuff.

I encourage you to sign up at both websites by filling in your name and email address so I can let you know when I make a post. I believe that you will be blessed as I share the word of God with you in practical ways that you can implement in your day to day life.

The two websites you can sign up from are: and

Love you and until next time,

Stay blessed, keep the faith and reign in life!

Moses Kangave

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