Do the opposite of the rest and you will get the answer

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I remember back in high school, we got a new teacher but he lasted for only a couple of month and he left. As students, we didn’t know exactly why he left but we later heard rumors that he was a con man who went in schools and businesses coning people out of their money.

But, during the few classes we had him, he shared with us a few of his personal philosophies of life and for some reason the one that stuck in our heads most, and the one I have always remembered was,

“Do the opposite of the rest and you will get the answer.”

When we learnt (heard rumors) that he was a con man, this particular philosophy he had shared with us became funny because to us, it kind of indicated that it is this philosophy of his that had made him a con man. I don’t know why we thought so. I guess it seemed so awkward to us.

This morning as I was driving to work on the freeway in traffic jam, we approached an intersection. One of the drivers decided to use the space where we are not supposed to drive from. I guess he thought he was the only one that was in a hurry to get to his destination.

When he got to the place where he could not go any further but had to merge into the lane, I was the one he had to get in front of. I had a choice to make at that particular time. “Do I let him in or do I refuse to be taken advantage of?”

If you drive in a lot of traffic like those of us living in California, am almost certain you have encountered this kind of situation before. Well, I gave him a big gap to let him in and he made his way into the lane and thanked me too. There is a possibility I made the driver behind me mad but, after I let him in, it just hit me that most drivers would not want to let him in because they would feel that he was trying to be unfair.

That is when I remembered the “Do the opposite of the rest and you will get the answer” philosophy.

In life, we are always faced with decisions to make. If not careful, it is easy to make the decisions that are made by most people. We some times think that because most people do something, it must be the right thing to do BUT, that is not always the case.

One of the ways to get better results in life is to do things differently than they have been done before. We need to stop following what the masses are doing and think outside the box.

When we start to do things differently from what we have always done, it opens our mind to ideas and solutions we may not have thought of before.

People that are getting different results than the masses are not geniuses as such. They have just decided to look at things differently than most of the people. When those people get different results, we tend to think they are geniuses because those results they got are not the results we are used to getting.

If  you want to get better results than the masses or different results from the ones you have always been getting, start by paying attention to the things you do just because every one is doing them and figure out another way you can do them differently

For example,

  • Instead of taking your lunch break at work just because every one is taking theirs? Could you skip your lunch and continue working or take it at a different time than every one does?
  • Instead of dressing like your co workers or church family just because you want to fit in, dress in accordance to the image you have of yourself or one you want to reflect?
  • Instead of driving in traffic with every one after work, take your workout cloths and run around the block or blocks until the traffic lessens.
  • Instead of taking the same route to work, chose a different route.
  • Instead of watching tv, read a chapter in the bible or a book that will build you.

Am sure you get the idea. Start small and build on those successes.

What else do you think the majority of the people are doing that you and I can do differently to get different results? Share your ideas with me by leaving a comment below. Would like to hear them and see what I can do differently.

Until next time,

Stay blessed, keep the faith and reign in Life.


How three dollars could change your life

Yesterday (as of this writing), while on the road, I met a homeless guy with his dog very early in the morning at a truck stop in Arizona. He had two slices of bread and a small Doritos bag of chips that were crushed. It seemed like he had got them from the trash can because they didn’t look like things he had just bought.

At the time my eyes caught this scenario, it looked like the man was trying to share just a little bit of what he had with his dog. I couldn’t make out exactly what he gave the dog but I could sense that the dog walked away disappointed because it did not get enough of whatever it was given. It seemed to be sad as it lay just a few feet from its master.

I passed by them and entered the store to take care of some personal issues. I came back in a few minutes just to find that the man too had finished all he had, and quietly sat there with his hands wrapped around his knees. You didn’t have to be a genius to know that what he had just eaten had not done any good to help in subsidizing his hunger.

I also could see that as people passed by him, quietly seated there with his dog, they knew he needed something to eat, but no one bothered to give him anything. Was it because he did not ask any one for anything, that we all could just pass by him and his dog as if they were invisible? I wondered. How is it that we all seemed to feel his pain (am hoping others did) but kept on passing by him?

After doing what I needed to do at the truck stop and knowing that I was going to pass by him for the last time, I got out a few dollars from my pocket and prepared to give them to him. As I approached him, our eyes met and he gave me a smile. Even though he didn’t know that I was going to give him any money, and he didn’t ask me for it, he smiled anyway.

I handed him three dollars and you could think I had handed him one hundred dollars.

Many of you reading this, three dollars is “nothing”, but that three dollars blessed my day. The word of God tells us that its more blessed to give than to receive, but very few of us know how to walk in that blessing.

After giving that three dollars to this man who hadn’t asked for it, I was so full of joy because in my heart I knew I had at least given him some breakfast to start him on his day. I then couldn’t stop wondering how many times I have been so wrapped up in myself that I haven’t been sensitive to see those in need around me.

Yes I have given to those that we usually see at the stop lights with card board signs letting us know of their needs or those that wait for us to come out of the grocery store and tell us to spare some change for them but, I don’t ever remember giving to one that had not asked for anything.

Is this how it should be? Do we need to wait for some one to ask us for help for us to be willing to give to those in need? I don’t know if I can really articulate what I felt at that moment but I know that the Holy Spirit was letting me in on the secret of giving that I haven’t yet tapped into.

What I believe the Holy Spirit is getting me to, is a place where I give motivated by love and compassion rather than need. You see, We all can give without loving, but we can’t love without giving. Love is so strong that it drives you to give. God himself who is love, loved us so much that he gave us his best. His giving was a product of his love not just our need.

As I thought about all this, I wondered how much tithes and offerings would be made to the church if we did not have a time specifically dedicated to giving in our church services. If we, as children of God were not reminded every Sunday in church to put our gifts into the offering basket, would we be giving to the Lord or do we give just because we have fallen into the religious act of giving because we are told to?

The most dangerous place to be in, is to have a need and not know it. When I saw that homeless man with his dog, I thought that they are the ones that were in need more than I was. Little did I know that I was in more need than they probably were, because my need at the moment was not a physical need but a heart issue….and out of the heart flows the issues of life.

My prayer to God is that this will not be a moment I will just pass by, but that out of it, I will humble myself to the Holy Spirit and let him teach me how to love and be sensitive to the needs of people without being asked to. I want to love people Just like God loves me because that is what am called not just to do but to be (God living through me). To Love God with all my life, and to love others as I love myself. I pray that that too, is your prayer.

Stay blessed, keep the faith and reign in life.

Moses Kangave

for Christian Motivation

Tips on having a productive prayer time


Here is the Transcription of the video:


Praise the Lord. Moses here again at Christian Motivation. I do hope that you are doing fine. Again I’m just continuing with this service that I’m doing about prayer, just giving you a few inspirations and motivations here and there hoping that they will bless you and they will take you into a deeper time with the Lord in prayer.

So in the first video we talked about what prayer is, and we said that prayer is about communicating with God, we said that prayer is about asking, believing, and receiving, and we said that prayer is about asking in accordance with the will of God, not just asking anything, but you ask based on the word of God or the will of God. And we say that God desires to give you the things that you ask for. Why? Because he is glorified, we saw the scripture in John chapter 15.

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Do these three things affect your Christian walk?

I’ve been thinking and taking inventory of my life (which I like to do every now and then), and have come to realize that there are three things that seem to affect my Christian life. They are definitely not the only ones but these three seem to have a big part.

1. My finances

The scripture that comes to mind is, Proverbs 30:8 where David said “…give me neither poverty… nor riches…”. I don’t know about you, but there are times when I don’t seem to understand why money takes its time getting to me. Some times after having done all, standing (Ephesians 6:13) doesn’t seem like the logical thing to do. Instead of standing on the Word of God, I want to figure out a way to get money to come to me as fast as it possibly can.

This means, that I will end up focusing most of my time on thinking/meditating about how to get more money than the Word. So the question I ask myself is, what is more important to me? God or mammon? Matthew 6:24

2. My emotions

Usually, emotion changes are tied to women, and men try to put up a “am a man” attitude therefore we show no emotions. Well, it may be that we don’t show emotions as much as women do, or we get over things faster than women do, but we do have emotions too.

If not careful, I have come to learn, it is very easy for one to walk based on emotions rather than the Word of God. I often catch myself wondering where God is because I may not be feeling good at that given time. I someftimes tend to look at my circumstances, get caught up emotionally and start questioning God’s where about’s. When things tend to be going well, I feel like that is when God must be pleased with me

3. My health

Most of us may not realize but, health has a lot to do with not being sick. We tend to think that just because we are not sick, we are healthy.

I have personally come to realize that when I start giving more attention to my health; like working out, healthy eating, getting enough rest etc, I tend to be more alert, productive, and feel good about myself. As a matter of fact, I have found out that there is a correlation between my health and my emotions too.

What’s the point am trying to make?

Many of us go through life being controlled by what happens to us instead of controlling our lives. We just hope things will change even if we do not figure out what we need to work on or change to bring the desired results. My brother and sister, you will continue to get the very same results you have been getting unless you change what you are doing.

And, you can not change if you don’t first find out what needs to be changed. Now that I know these three thing, its easier for me to take control of my life in these areas. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I now can consciously work on being in charge of these areas.

I would love to know if you don’t mind. What areas do you find challenging in your Christian walk? Please leave your reply in the comment section below.

Until next time,

Stay blessed, keep the faith & reign in life!

Moses Kangave

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Four things that determine the quality of your life – part 2


Below  is the transcript for the video

Praise the lord. It’s Moses here at Christian Motivation – it’s a privilege once again to share with you the Word of God and the thoughts and resources that I believe will help you reign in life. I will be continuing from where we left off last time. For those who have not had the opportunity to check out the last video I posted, I encourage you to go to and look at the video, that is, in case you’re watching this video from somewhere else other than the website.

For those who have already watched the first video, I hope you’ve taken the time to see how to manage your time or how you are using your time, so that you can be able to get to the next level.

I want to encourage all of you to be people of action. One thing I have realized is that it doesn’t matter how much information one has, if one doesn’t take action, it is useless information. Such information will not empower anyone. So my desire and encouragement to you is that as I share these few things, take action so that you able to see results. We are supposed to be hearers and doers of the Word – it doesn’t matter how many resources I share with you or how good the information that I share with you is; if you do not take action, you will not see any results in your life. So if we are going to reign in life, we’ve got to act on the information we hear or receive. That is what wisdom all about – wisdom is applying the knowledge that we have correctly and we know that wisdom is better than money. That’s what the Bible says. Again, I encourage you to take action on the things that I share with you.

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