Do the opposite of the rest and you will get the answer

5160b486b0fbc6ed202db0c5fd3920d6647a1 640 Do the opposite of the rest and you will get the answer

I remember back in high school, we got a new teacher but he lasted for only a couple of month and he left. As students, we didn’t know exactly why he left but we later heard rumors that he was a con man who went in schools and businesses coning people out of their money.

But, during the few classes we had him, he shared with us a few of his personal philosophies of life and for some reason the one that stuck in our heads most, and the one I have always remembered was,

“Do the opposite of the rest and you will get the answer.”

When we learnt (heard rumors) that he was a con man, this particular philosophy he had shared with us became funny because to us, it kind of indicated that it is this philosophy of his that had made him a con man. I don’t know why we thought so. I guess it seemed so awkward to us.

This morning as I was driving to work on the freeway in traffic jam, we approached an intersection. One of the drivers decided to use the space where we are not supposed to drive from. I guess he thought he was the only one that was in a hurry to get to his destination.

When he got to the place where he could not go any further but had to merge into the lane, I was the one he had to get in front of. I had a choice to make at that particular time. “Do I let him in or do I refuse to be taken advantage of?”

If you drive in a lot of traffic like those of us living in California, am almost certain you have encountered this kind of situation before. Well, I gave him a big gap to let him in and he made his way into the lane and thanked me too. There is a possibility I made the driver behind me mad but, after I let him in, it just hit me that most drivers would not want to let him in because they would feel that he was trying to be unfair.

That is when I remembered the “Do the opposite of the rest and you will get the answer” philosophy.

In life, we are always faced with decisions to make. If not careful, it is easy to make the decisions that are made by most people. We some times think that because most people do something, it must be the right thing to do BUT, that is not always the case.

One of the ways to get better results in life is to do things differently than they have been done before. We need to stop following what the masses are doing and think outside the box.

When we start to do things differently from what we have always done, it opens our mind to ideas and solutions we may not have thought of before.

People that are getting different results than the masses are not geniuses as such. They have just decided to look at things differently than most of the people. When those people get different results, we tend to think they are geniuses because those results they got are not the results we are used to getting.

If  you want to get better results than the masses or different results from the ones you have always been getting, start by paying attention to the things you do just because every one is doing them and figure out another way you can do them differently

For example,

  • Instead of taking your lunch break at work just because every one is taking theirs? Could you skip your lunch and continue working or take it at a different time than every one does?
  • Instead of dressing like your co workers or church family just because you want to fit in, dress in accordance to the image you have of yourself or one you want to reflect?
  • Instead of driving in traffic with every one after work, take your workout cloths and run around the block or blocks until the traffic lessens.
  • Instead of taking the same route to work, chose a different route.
  • Instead of watching tv, read a chapter in the bible or a book that will build you.

Am sure you get the idea. Start small and build on those successes.

What else do you think the majority of the people are doing that you and I can do differently to get different results? Share your ideas with me by leaving a comment below. Would like to hear them and see what I can do differently.

Until next time,

Stay blessed, keep the faith and reign in Life.